Saturday, April 9, 2016


The massive truck you all are riding in (except for MICKEY) rumbles over the dusty-brown earth South toward the river in the East. A solid concrete bridge spans the river. It's wide enough for three trucks. Beyond the bridge and river is a set of low-lying hills which lead up into snow-capped mountains touching the clouds. And indeed you can see a crude road across the river leading from the bridge and into the hills. Up in the mountains you can see flickering of light, the setting sun reflecting off metal surfaces. Looking around you in the chaos, you see you are in a valley of some kind ringed by these mountains, and sharp brown cliffs of rock. But the bridge suggests some kind of travel by infrastructure. The bridge seems to lead to the compound most of you are from. The river appears to skirt just alongside the compound, another means of transport, trade, or simple power.

CELLULOSA is at the wheel attempting to guide the rig and all of you. MORN-START is sitting shotgun firing his handgun at the pursuing vehicles. Three vehicles, one a trike, with a driver and another, wielding some sort of long gun. The main vehicle of pursuit resembles a dune buggy with massive wheels, the size of the chassis. Mounted on the back is a large gun with an operator standing behind it. The other vehicle is a motorcycle and is on the Eastern side of the party's truck, out of sight from MORN-START, but CELLULOSA can see it in the side-view mirror.

MOSES is working on the wires, trying to hail his comrades, before attempting to unhook the trailer from the forward cab!

Giving chase to the Thrice Church vehicles pursuing the party are three hawkmen and their apemen cargo who wield flamethrowers. In the trailer, upon which sits The Temple of The Mother, Telem and Fortunata fight with TEDDY, the pure human, and WINTER BLACKFORD. The strange Twinses, holding a newborn baby of The Mother whom they are oddly obsessed with, are combating WINTER as he has harmed The Mother and the babies within her massive gelatin body.

MICKEY, thrown out of the Temple by Telem, faces down a hawkman and apeman.

Further behind is the immense battle raging between the Thrice Church and hawkmen/apemen. Flames arise from many portions of the church caravan as the swarm of hawkmen is unrelenting. Black smoke rises into the sky creating a thick forest of forest of smoke trees.