Player Characters

Jobe Bittman - Casimir Grimshaw 
A mutant human
Tim Callahan - Maolmuire Colquhoun
A mutant human 

Pete Conlon - Winter Blackford
A very mutated human

Tom Forget - Teddy Harlston
A Pure Human

Eric Gillin - Gekko (R.I.P. Mickey)
GEKKO: An albino, foot-tall mutant human, who functions better at night than during the day.
[MICKEY, the deceased: A mutated rat with two heads. Mickey is easily swayed due to his atrophied cerebellum and weak will. He follows others leads.]


Matt Hildebrand - Pox Grinkle
A swarm of sentient slugs

Todd James - Morn Start
The Morn Start store's jovial android. Morn Start is shaped like a cat and covered with silver chrome with the Morn Start logo on his chest. Morn Start is also super fast.

 Andrew Landry - Clexis
A super-strong Pure Human.

Mike Loew - Moses Marlborough
A mutant pirahna.

Dan Meth - Kalman NewChrist
A Pure Human.

Johnny Ryan - Tecumseh Wederstrandt 
A Mutant Plant

Harris Smith - Othus Haut
An exceptionally mutated human. Othus Haut is nearly blind or death at times. But Othus Haut has the ability to heal quickly and can create a force screen around his body. He also possesses great empathy for others, enabling him to predict what people do before they do it and can tell if someone is telling the truth or not.

Mark Sable - Cellulosa
A mutant plant lady
Tucker Stone - C'litovea vön Dunnes
A mutated human who can shoot an energy ray but also gives off a scent attracting predators. C'litovea has the ability to draw health from other creatures around him. C'litovea can also control light. 

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